introducing ourselves

We challenge IT

Our short, but very rich experience so far is reflected in a circular, continuous process. Every link in this process is a proof of the slogan We challenge IT. In each phase our team sets challenges itself, and by overcoming them we achieve a synergistic result.

Where Knowledge Really Counts.

Our core strength is manifested through a team of experts who adorn experience, knowledge and expertise. Proof of this are the numerous, successfully implemented projects, but also the growing number of clients who recognize the quality of service that Breakpoint has to offer. We strongly believe that our knowledge, time and opportunities we take, can contribute to a much larger and broader purpose. Our clients recognize this aspiration and see our solutions as their breaking-point, after which their business becomes more efficient, optimized, integrated and succesful.


Increasing awareness about the use and adequate implementation of information technologies in solving today’s business challenges.


Contributing to our clients' business success through quality ideas, that our team of experts bring to life in a productive environment with the help of the newest technologies.

We want to:

  • Increase the company's efficiency and keep raising the quality of our services to a highest standard attainable.
  • Help you maintain market competitiveness by offering our methodical and well planned software solutions.
  • Keep our employees happy and motivated by cultivating productive and evolving environment.
  • Continue ensuring our own progress and prosper based on transparent relations with clients, concrete solutions and excellent services.
A word from our CEO

Our core values

Although our team is not numerically large, we are adorned with persistence, youth, honesty, experience, ambition and a desire to "overcome" the impossible, but also a great and quick openness to expand and supplement the team. This motivated team of individuals has been carefully chosen through their long-term professional specialization in the field of ICT. They aspire to learn, adapt and put their capabilities to the best use.

As a company, we’re trying to maintain a unique approach to each problem, providing you with excellent and professional IT services that we have gained through many projects. We do all this with the aim of making our product the „precious pearl“ of the market we supply.

For our client, Break-Point is a place to stop and realize that everything necessary can be found here, with us. If you seek competent software services provider, that prioritizes and values clients' time, as well as devotes attention and empathy towards the client – YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

Admir Šehidić

Chief executive officer
our testimonials

In Order to Satisfy Our Clients

We are aware of the variability of technologies and consumer demands, so we act accordingly to it. Even when we finish a product, we always supplement and adapt it to the latest trends and market requirements.

We base our clients trust on a unique approach to each client' s problem, wishes and needs. From our experience, the best way to achieve mutual satisfaction is to provide excellent and professional IT services with a lot of time, attention and empathy towards the client.

Of course, very little of this would be managable and possible without our core partners and closest contacts. We build our relationships with associates and key stakeholders on trust, dynamic collaboration and integrity.

The teamwork of Breakpoint experts is a prototype of what a modern and successful business should look like. Quality, reliability, availability and trust are the words we can use to briefly describe our cooperation.

mr.sci. Esad Mahmutović

Director of FIA

Cooperation with Breakpoint was a turning point in Config's business. In a real sense, the Breakpoint team turned all our ideas into extremely high-quality solutions. With such solutions, we have strengthened the trust of our clients, expanded the base of new clients, entered new markets, launched new projects and strengthened existing ones.

Ivan Dragoje

Director of CONFIG d.o.o.

Through direct cooperation in creating and developing a Distance Learning Platform with an innovative company and a highly sophisticated software solution offered to us, we have achieved results that have followed the needs of the education system in our canton in an extremely efficient way.

Rašid Hadžovic

Chief of Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of HNC

The eUniversity system as well as the cooperation with the entire BreakPoint team of the company deserves the highest rating. Professionalism, expediency and efficiency of the professional team, led by Admir Šehidić, is a great relief when performing everyday tasks, but also possible problems and adapting to the needs of education.

Samir Šćetić

CEPS lecturer and eUniversity administrator

Dear, it's really great to have a BreakPoint as an associate.

Amira Kasumović

Head of education department at the King Fahd Cultural Center

The eUniversity platform application proved to be acceptable for teaching staff and students, enabling better communication in the teaching process. The general mood of teachers, students and student services as well as other users is very positive and they have accepted the application very well. I am very pleased that we managed to jointly implement your application and thus create excellent preconditions for the development of the information system as one of the main pillars for the development and survival of the University "Dzemal Bijedic" in Mostar.

Senad Rahimić

Vicedean for teaching processes - University Dzemal Bijedic of Mostar