Integrated web platform for full management of a higher education institutionWhy to use:
  • The entire teaching process in one place

    Complete management of the teaching process from the performance and records of teaching to the distribution of teaching materials and the creation of exams.

  • Integrated information system compliant with accreditation criteria

    Management of student records, curricula, syllabi and engaged staff.

  • Ease of use

    Students have the opportunity to take exams online, e-learning and insight into their performance during their studies from anywhere via computers and mobile smart devices.

eUniversity is a unique service platform which offers centralized access to necessary data for executing daily University activities and provides support for Student Services, Teaching Staff, Students, Management, Online exams and Quality assurance of teaching and teaching processes.

Main modules:
  • Student service module

    Curricula, registry book, exam deadlines, certificates, diplomas, etc.

  • Teaching staff module

    Staff schedule, teaching records, exam records, teaching materials.

  • Student module

    Notifications, attendance, download of teaching materials, online exam registration, etc.

  • Exam module

    Creation of a database of questions, activation of tests, automatic test results, student achievement reports, etc.

  • Management module

    student reports, staff reports, financial reports.

  • Student mobile application

    iOS and Android.