Cloud based learning platform that provides robust, secure and integrated system for primary and secondary education institutionsWhy to use:
  • The entire teaching process in one place

    Complete management of the teaching process from the performance and records of teaching to the distribution of teaching materials and the creation and evaluation of exams.

  • Integrated Information System

    Manage student records, curricula and staff engaged.

  • Ease of use

    Students have the opportunity to learn, access literature, take exams and see their performance during school from anywhere via computers and mobile smart devices.

Main modules:
  • School administrator

    Management of all school data, curricula, preparation of data for the beginning of the school year, entry of teaching schedules, etc.

  • Office

    Management of student registers, entry of new and access to data of existing students, publication of notices, documents and reminders for students and teachers.

  • Class teacher of each class

    All records of students in their class (basic data, subjects, grades, teacher comments) in one place, the possibility of entering new students, managing student subjects.

  • Teacher

    Insight into data of all subjects he / she teaches, records of classes held, students present and grades, setting teaching contents and information on the subject, setting and reviewing assignments for students, communicating with students through Q&A section, creating a database of questions and activating tests for checking knowledge.

  • Students

    Access to all data related to their class, receiving notifications and reminders, reviewing class schedules, downloading teaching materials, assignments, handing over assignments, taking tests.

  • Graphical and tabular reports on
    • Students (number of students, number of published teaching contents, test statistics, student success, etc.

    • Teachers (number of published materials, assignments, teacher activity, teacher grades, etc.

  • Mobile applications for students

    iOS and Android.

Link: eSchool