Web platform for creating and distributing online courses (audio, video, text)Why to use:
  • Ease of creation and management

    Creating a step-by-step course makes it easy to structure and set up video and documentary materials for online learning.

  • Training anywhere and increasing the number of users

    Training is no longer tied to physical space, which allows increasing the number of participants and easier distribution of knowledge.

  • Ease of use

    Course participants have the opportunity to learn, access literature and certification from anywhere via computers and mobile smart devices.

eLearning is a online platform that enables educational institutions, trainers and others involved in education to deliver learning contents and resources to their students and enhance education delivery and management. An eLearning platform is cloud/web based and provides 24/7 access to learning resources from any locations and any devices.

Main modules:
  • Administrator module

    Managing all users and their roles, managing the structure of courses, assigning courses to teachers, publishing, reviewing and approving user applications, publishing notices.

  • Teacher / Lecturer module

    Creating and managing courses, defining lessons and sections of the course, creating teaching content in the form of text, images, video and audio content, pptx and pdf material, live sessions, defining test questions, creating discounts on course prices, etc.

  • User module

    Search of interesting courses and insight into their structure, course application and deregistration from the course, access to all teaching contents of the chosen course, communication with the teacher, taking tests and reviewing results, downloading certificates for passed courses.

Link: eLearning